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How does Beepy work?

Fondo Rallas - Beepy
Paso 1 - Beepy
Celular - Beepy

Register as a partner and validate your profile

Signing up for Beepy is easy, you just have to download the app and follow the registration process. Once you finish, one of our agents will validate your profile.

Upload your car or cars to the app

Click in “my cars”, register a new one by filling out the forms with the characteristics and establish the rental cost. 

Start renting

Now you just need to wait for a user to book your car and to accept the rent!

Fondo Rallas - Beepy
Paso 1 - Beepy
Celular - Beepy

Move to achieve success!

With Beepy you can earn as much money as you wish.

Beepy will suggest to you how much money you should charge for renting your car. However, just consider supply - demand.

The path to your goals won’t be traveled alone, you need to keep moving to achieve them. We are here to move forward with you, helping you to reach everything you long for.

Your Goals


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Your security is very important to Beepy

Your car is safe

You can count on our insurance and support, so your car will always be protected.

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Download our app and move!

Available for Android and iOS.

Download our app and move! - Beepy